Where There’s A Will There’s a Way!

To end the week, I’m going off topic – or my immediate quantification topic – and jumping to the end goal – more effectively deploying FHLB resources towards unmet housing and community development needs.  This is the fun part, and while I might not get back to it for several weeks, I have very recent and very positive evidence this can happen. 

I attended yesterday’s FHFA FHLB and CDFI Symposium, an excellent event – informative, well attended and impactful.  There was consistent agreement across all parties that more can be done, should be done and that solutions to making progress are available and achievable – not without work and not without a lot of discussion – but doable.  The combination of very financially strong FHLBs, an acute need for solutions as presented by the CDFIs (Community Development Financial Institutions) and openness from the FHFA to try new approaches and Pilot Programs to see what works all make for a powerful foundation and presents an opportunity to move the dial.  CDFIs are not the only avenue to pursue, but they are a critical component and great starting point.

A nice way to end the week.

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  1. Appreciate the Federal Housing Finance Agency leading the CDFI FHLB Symposium. I agree with the speakers and Director Thompson, we need to see investments ASAP!

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